A drive to Hyderabad’s Himayat Sagar Lake

The best trips happen as a consequence of the strongest of impulses. Best drives too, I suppose.

There was Punjabi music. Enjoying it, were more than just the group of Indians around. The TV reverberated to the music it was playing. The air was enthused. It was one of those tunes that hooks on to your mind and refuses to let go of you. To me, unsurprisingly, the song was just a combination incomprehensible sounds in a combo that made me wanna jump up and disco. I couldn’t make sense of a single word, except for the repetitive ‘Long drive pe chal chal’ which I kept singing aloud proudly; it was pride that sprang from my having deciphered the words from the encompassing sounds. The song set the mood. We set off.

It started with Maggi and Chai at DLF. And went on to Himayat Sagar Lake. Just about 20kms from Hyderabad, the lake is known to be one of the must-sees in the city. It didn’t happen all those days when I decided to go out and see all that’s in the list for Hyderabad, it happened this day when Maggi was the first thing on my mind. Never plan, they always say!

The roads were deserted. I sat with my legs on the seat and my backside on the open window and the rest of me outside the window, singing aloud and jarringly all that the car played and swaying to my own singing. The clouds chose not to rain. The winds embraced us, amiably. The drive was impeccable.

We got to the lake. I gazed at the waters, like I always do. Water, I’ve always believed is the most powerful of things. I stared in awe.  It was huge, the lake. It bobbed up and down; every bit of it did, almost in unison. It looked to me like it could not contain itself in its colossal receptacle; like it threatened to break out of it and foist its powerful self on us- weaklings. Or perhaps it was all in my head and the lake was just frolicking all by itself.

Across the road, stubs made of cement had been erected, one every foot along the road. It was fun trying to not lose balance atop a stub. As I gained stability on the stub, I stood there and looked around; all around. You could see nature subsisting in its elemental self. Lights from the far away road, added to the charm. There was nothing exotic about the place; it merely gave us a reason to stop and stare.

I’m glad the TV chose this one of all songs to play, earlier that day.

All of us
All of us